Who is olyfa?

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Hi, I am Oliver and I am a visual artist.

I was born in 1976 in Berlin, Germany and I am living in Singapore. Ever since after graduation, I have been working in different global and regional marketing and sales positions in the medical devices industry.

Since I was a child, I have always appreciated different forms of art, and my profession gave me the great opportunity to be creative and to travel the world, discover exotic places and exciting cultures. These priceless experiences have opened my mind and eyes to many things and new perspectives.

Now, I understand who I am and what I want to do.

Presently, with the availability of affordable technology, it seems easy to be a photographer. But there is a big difference between a nice picture and a work of art. Inspired and driven by that belief and my greatest passion - capturing new impressions from innovative perspectives and building an exciting portfolio of photos and videos - I started

Olyfa // Photography. Art.

What does being a visual artist mean?

The world is dominated by our judgement of the visual, especially in the social media environment. We are naturally drawn to everything that we see everywhere; and we appreciate and yearn for the beauty of things, places and people, including ourselves. As a visual artist, I see the world in a different way, as I focus on the details and the hidden beauty that we often overlook because of the many distractions around us. My work is characterized by a creative eye, a sense for the right moment and my love for details. My enthusiasm and ability to engage with people make it easy to capture faces, emotions and moments in a very unique way.

I invite you to come along on an amazing journey of stunning visual impressions of your world and the world that we live in. I will create special portraits of you, your children and your family, and capture the milestone moments in your life. For business or leisure, for private or corporate use, photos or videos, I transform the mundane and every-day vignettes into the extraordinary art that is you and your life.

It is my greatest pleasure to transfer happiness to you with my photographs.

If you want to learn more about me and my art, or engage me in creating artworks of you and your life, please connect with me.

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