What my clients say

Hitesh // Singapore // Business Portraits

Oliver’s creative judgement is beyond anyone I’ve seen before. He possesses this uncanny ability to quickly identify the best frame for a shot, making his subjects shine in the process. His compositions are a mark above everyone else's. Oliver is more than a photographer, he’s a creative artist. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to photograph me.

Michael // USA // Portraits

Recently, Oliver had asked me to partake in a photo shoot with some of his new ideas on lighting and contrasts. During the shoot he demonstrated an exceptional talent for creativity and was very easy to work with. His direction on what clothing to wear, the types of backgrounds to use, and what poses I should be portraying, I believe really grasped what he was looking for. Oliver had a clear direction and look that he wanted to present with this shoot, but at the same time was very open to hearing and taking my ideas into consideration. I would partake in another shoot with Oliver anytime. His innovative perspectives on capturing the right moments and his professionalism make the entire shoot flow with ease. There's no denying that he has a passion for photography and takes great pride in his work. Thank you, Oliver, for this experience and I look forward to the next.

Joyce & Jerome // Singapore // Wedding Photos

For a wedding shoot that we had not planned for, Oliver has done a magnificent job of capturing for us our most precious memories of our first day as man and wife. We are still amazed and touched by his enthusiasm and dedication, especially since he had come from the airport after a 15-hour flight from Berlin to Singapore – it was ‘go’ from the moment he put down his suitcases! He led and directed us tirelessly from location to location within our wedding venue at the iconic Raffles Hotel, Singapore. Our smiles came effortlessly and genuinely that day as it was very easy for us to place our trust in Oliver’s calm professionalism and vibrant creativity. When we look ever so often at the photographs he has taken and meticulously post-processed, we are reminded of the beauty of our love that he has captured so well. Thank you, Oliver, you have our gratitude!

Shanthi // Singapore // Portrait Shooting

Oliver did an amazing job by listening to my requests and turning them into a reality for my solo portrait shots. I truly had a great experience working with him. Both his kind spirit and patience made the day all the more fun and exciting. I appreciate how he took the time to compose and frame each picture and how he captured all the important details. He retouched my photos so quickly; and all in all, I couldn't have asked for more. Thanks for everything! I would highly recommend Oliver for your next photo shoot!

Gleichlaufartisten, DJ's // Berlin, Germany // Press Kit Shooting

We met Oliver in July 2014 for our first press kit-shooting in Berlin. Prior to the shoot, he searched extensively for locations that would fit our character as artists. Olli has a great eye for incredible locations and a vibrant creativity for exciting ideas. He also showed great empathy, which made the shooting an unforgettable and easy experience. Because we loved his mix of spontaneity and planning, our nervousness was gone after a few shots, especially since the mood of the shooting was just amazing. After 6 hours, 4 different locations and around 10,000 pictures, that beautiful day ended way too fast. Olli, thank you so much for the pictures and we look forward to the next shooting! Regards from the tub!

Victoria & Henrik // Salobrena, Spain // Wedding Video

Our experience with Oliver was something we will never forget. He managed to create a video of our wedding day that far surpassed our wildest expectations. This was partly because we never felt Oliver was "on top of us" during the big day. He captured all the key moments, and some beautifully unexpected ones, and never once made us feel aware that he was there. The film speaks for itself. It has brought tears, laughter and joy to everyone who has watched it. We could not have asked for anything more. Even the accompanying music selection brought the exact right emotions out of every scene. It goes without saying that we have recommended Oliver to our friends and family, and would not hesitate hiring him again.

Susan & Jerry // Boracay, The Philippines // Wedding Photos

We love the photos! The close ups provided the sensitivity and affinity not captured elsewhere.

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